The boys troop will host our annual lock-in at the Moose Lodge on Friday, October 14th starting at 8:30pm. We will start the night at Off The Wall where the scouts will have one hour to jump around in the giant indoor air park. Cost for this is $14.95. We will need the adults who are providing transportation to stay with us at Off The Wall until the scouts finish their session to help provide transportation to the Moose Lodge afterwards. All scouts must have an Off The Wall Gamezone liability waiver completed and signed by a parent or guardian. Non-slip socks are required to participate on all jump attractions.

If there are scouts who would like to attend the lock-in but not go to Off The Wall, then parents can drop those scouts off at the Moose at 10:30pm.

What to expect at the lock in:

What to bring to the lock in:

Cost of the event:

We are always in need of parents to help the troop leaders at these events. If any adults would like to join us for the duration, then click the button below and fill out the RSVP as well. Any questions or concerns, please jump on the parent’s chat in WhatsApp.

Pick up time will be between 8am-9am on Saturday morning.